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We proudly step to introduce Refindia Technologies (RT) as one the best recognized service providers in the field of Dairy and Livestock products industry. Refindia Technologies (RT) provides a genuine premium services in the field of dairy and livestock products industry as complete technical support and training's, used machinery buying and selling, erection and commissioning of all dairy products plant, veterinary equipment's, starter culture and all dairy and livestock products. Refindia Technologies (RT) professionals are having the experience of 20 years in the field of dairy and livestock products industry and providing technology and business solutions to leading companies. For the past 10 years of service provided by RT more than 15 dairy plants and cottage by products plants have been established. Refindia Technologies (RT) provides highly skilled technocrats with experience of business practices in the industry. The aim of RT is to give all solution in one roof.

We deal in used machinery, buying and selling a whole plant. We also deal in leasing dairy plants to the needful parties and all cottage industry machineries. We deal with buying and selling of all dairy by products viz., all kind of market milk, cream, butter, ghee, ice cream, paneer, milk sweets, all kind of eggs, meat and all laboratory equipment's.

Refindia Technologies (RT)’s professionals understand the importance and viable components of projects to enhance the profit and to meet out all requirements by providing the better service to needy people.

About Us

Our Services

What Refindia Technologies do

Technical Advices and Training

  • Raw Milk Storage, Transportation & Maintenance of Chilling Centers
  • Raw Milk Processing & Packaging
  • Value added Milk Products Preparation
  • Dairy Plant Operations and Maintenance
  • Storage & Distribution of Milk Products
  • Cleaning and Sensitization of Dairy Plant
  • Maintenance of Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Establishment of Cottage Value added Dairy Products Unit

New Dairy plant Erection & Commissioning

We have more than 10 years experience in dairy planting and erections. Also we customizing the machineries for your needs as per your size of the dairy. Also have the good knowledge in digital equipment’s to modernize your dairy. We assist you to install all type of Dairy Plants & Equipments, Milk packing machines, Paneer packing machines, Ghee packing or bottling machines, Flour milk filling and sealing machines, Sterilizer Machine, Steam Boilers and hot water generators(Diesel or Wood) ,  Milk Process Plants, Mini Dairy Plants, Milk Storage Tanks, Bulk Milk Coolers, Road Milk Tankers, Ghee Making Equipments, Paneer Making Equipments, Khoya Making Equipments, Cheese Making Machines, Shreekhand Making Equipment, Refrigeration Plants, Ice Plants, Dairy Consultancy, S.S.Fabrication, Jacketed Vessels, Limped Coil Tanks, Architectural Fabrication, S.S.Railing Ice bank tank(Ammonia or Freon).

Ice Cream plant Erection & Commissioning

We Designing, Supply, Food Processing and Ice Cream Plants on turnkey basis as well as Designing, Supply, Erection and Commissioning of Refrigeration System, Cold Storages and Ice Plants.

The unit includes batch pasteurizer, Filter, milk pump, homogenizer, plate type chiller, and ageing vat, flour mixing tank, Continues Ice Cream Maker, Blast Freezer, Cup Filling Machines, Chaco Bar Dye, Kulfi Dye and Ice Deep Freeze Room, Ice Pads, Buff Box Retail Shop Freezer Boxes.

All the equipment and utility machineries are made with best engineering practices incorporating with future expansions as well as easy maintenance.

Used Machinery Buying and Selling

Refindia Technologies also offered best market place to sell and buy used dairy machinaries, that helps to grow the milk industry peoples. Based on Requests we visited sellers plants and inspect the quality and help them to sell in good price. We offered below machines, such as;Weighing bowl, Dum Tank, Milk Pump, Milk Chiller, Milk HTST Pasteurizer, Homogenizer, Milk Storage Tanks, Milk Packing Machines(200ml to 1000ml) , Milk Packing Machine Balance Tank, Ice Bank Tank(Ammonia or Freon), Cold Storage Room, GENSET, Cream Separators, Milk Cans, Milk Grades, Milk Tangers, Milk Containers, Full Diary Units, Dairy Lease and contracts and etc…

Livestock Farm Advices

Our Expert Trainees helps to learn LiveStock Farm methods and managing their feed supplies and animals carefully using some of the tips. Also we guide you to learn below techniques;

Feed Advice’s & Maintenance Schedules,

Form Maintenance,

Feed Preparation and Storage,

Feed Varieties (Silage, Hydroponic, Asola, Agathi, Co4 )


Bio Gas Plant, ( Run Genset using bio gas)

Mini Plant Commissioning & planning Success Way and etc…

Milk & Milk Powder Trading

Raw Chilled milk, Skimmed milk, Pasteurized and Homogenized Milk, Milk Powder,

Dairy Products Marketing

Paneer, Butter, Ghee, fresh cream, cova, milk peda, curd, butter milk, yougut, ice cream, flour milk,


All licenses and guidance will be provided

Our Products

Pure and Healthy Milk Products

Condensed Milk

Starts From 1Litre



500grms to 10kg packs
Starts from



Salt added


Featured Products

Used Machinaries and Accessories

Milk Trolley

Milk Trolley

Fully SS Body

Offer Rs.13259/-

CDC-1021-08/18 SS Fittings

CDC-1021-08/18 SS Fittings

SS fittings for sale

Offer Rs./-

CDC-1020-07/18 Amonia Ice Plant For Sale CAP-13KL

CDC-1020-07/18 Amonia Ice Plant For Sale CAP-13KL

This a Ice Plant

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