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We proudly step to introduce Complete Dairy Consultancy(CDC) as one the best recognized service providers in the field of Dairy and Livestock products industry. Complete Dairy Consultancy(CDC) provides a genuine premium services in the field of dairy and livestock products industry as complete technical support and training’s, used machinery buying and selling, erection and commissioning of all dairy products plant, veterinary equipment’s, starter culture and all dairy and livestock products. Complete Dairy Consultancy(CDC) professionals are having the experience of 20 years in the field of dairy and omg сайт livestock products industry and providing technology and business solutions to leading companies.For the past 10 years of service provided by Complete Dairy Consultancy(CDC) more than 15 dairy plants and cottage by products plants have been established. Complete Dairy Consultancy(CDC) provides highly skilled technocrats with experience of business practices in the industry. The aim of Complete Dairy Consultancy(CDC) is to give all solution in one roof.

We deal in used machinery, buying and selling a whole plant. We also deal in leasing dairy plants to the needful parties and all cottage industry machineries. We deal with buying and selling of all dairy by products viz., all kind of market milk, cream, butter, ghee, ice cream, paneer, milk sweets, all kind of eggs, meat and all laboratory equipment’s.

CDS’s professionals understand the importance and viable components of projects to enhance the profit and to meet out all requirements by providing the better service to needy people.

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